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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Meet the Ancestors

I received some exciting post from my mum yesterday; scanned copies of photographs of my Italian ancestors. I love how stern my great-great-grandmother looks, and her hair is unbelievable! And look at my great-great-grandfather with his proud hand-on-hip stance! Gorgeous. 

It is a very gloomy and blustery Sunday. Having been out for a full English breakfast (my first non-vegetarian full English in 17 years!), done the shopping, descaled the kettle and done the washing up, I feel I can stay inside for the rest of the day and take some time to do a bit of designing. I plan to knit a vintage-inspired hot water bottle cosy and hope to adapt the finished pattern for cushion covers too.

Yesterday I completed a basic tea cosy in moss rib but I don't know exactly what I will do to embellish it. There are too many appealing yarns in my stash and I can't choose. I'm quite pleased with it, since it is my own pattern and worked quite well first time!

Happy Sunday!


  1. What an amazing link back to your history that photograph is :) The dress your great great grandmother is wearing is absolutely gorgeous.


  2. Aww thanks Kim! She looks quite a bit like my grandmother, but as if my grandmother has gone time-travelling!
    Lovely blog by the way - great photos!

  3. Recently I finally found my paternal grandfather - who left when I was a little girl. In the quest to find him, I found a first cousin from grandfather's sister (who I never knew about) and that many from that side of the family died in concentration camps.

    Your g-g-grandfather looks like the back of his hand is behind his back.