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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Tiny knits for Easter

After knitting the tiny baby bunny from the lovely Mochimochi Land free pattern, I was inspired to knit some mini gifts to take to my family this Easter. 

Tiny baby bunny pattern from Mochimochi Land made by KnittingPony
I don't know why the knitted pirate olive *needed* to be invented and knitted, but that is simply what happens when I knit random things for my father. He loved the olive and has requested an arrrr-tichoke. 

Designed and knitted by KnittingPony
I'll leave you to investigate the strange hamster-ewok hybrid I made for my sister over on my Flickr page if you fancy freaking yourselves out. Just don't look into its eyes.  Happy Easter!


  1. Is it wrong to find a knitted olive attractive? Could explain why I'm single.

  2. i am in love!! they are so teeny tiny and wonderful! great job!!

  3. Thanks sheepkins! And Junebug - could be the pirate element you like? :)

  4. Just found you...Your knitting is amazing and delightfully creative. Something for me to aspire to! Have a lovely week :-)

  5. Hi Josie! Thank you so much! I love your blog - those flower granny squares are amazing.

  6. Ohh! Funny olive! Thanks to share!