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Monday, 7 May 2012

Storm Fingerless Mittens (free knitting pattern)

Storm Mittens 
This is a pattern for fingerless mittens, knitted in the round on a circular knitting needle using the  magic loop method. 


2x Rowan Kidsilk Haze (25g each) in contrasting colours (knit with each colour held double)
3.5mm circular needle
Set of 4 3.4mm double pointed needles for the thumb
waste yarn
darning needle


Divide each ball of Kidsilk Haze into two equal balls. These mitts are knitted with the yarn held double in stripes of two rows.

Cast on 50 stitches and using magic loop divide the yarn into two halves of 25 stitches. Join and...

Row 1: K1P1 rib in the round for 7 rows in colour A (I used the darker colour for the ribbing at the top, bottom and thumb)
Row 8 & 9: Knit 2 rows in the round in colour B
Row 10 & 11: Knit 2 rows in the round in colour A
Continue in stripes until you've knitted 21 stripes
Row 52: Change to colour B, Knit around
Row 53: K10, Knit into the front and back of the next stitch (KFB), K3, KFB, K35 (colour B)
Row 54: Change to colour A, Knit around
Row 55: K10, KFB, K5, KFB, K35 (colour A)
Row 56: Change to colour B, Knit around
Row 57: K10, KFB, K7, KFB, K35 (colour B)
Row 58: change to colour A, K10, slip 11 stitches onto waste yarn, knit to the end of the row
Continue to knit in stripes for desired length for fingers
Ribbed top edge: K1P1 rib for 5 rows.
Cast off in K1P1 pattern.

Pick up the stitches on the waste yarn over two double pointed needles, and with the yarn (I used the same colour as the ribbing) pick up an additional 3 stitches across the top of the thumb with the third double pointed needle. Join in the round and knit for 7 rows in K1P1 rib. 
Cast off in K1P1 pattern.

Weave in all ends with a darning needle and enjoy!

Copyright KnittingPony. For personal use only. Please do not sell any wrist warmers you make from this pattern, or distribute or sell this pattern. Please contact me for any other information or for any errata submissions.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Another Owl!

I made this owl for a friend's baby. Here he is before he fluttered off to the new nursery:
He was really simple to make, just a couple of squares stitched together with the ears constructed by sewing the middle of the top of the head a few rows lower down to create the dip! I used 2 balls of Sirdar Indie - very good for owlish cushions.

Here are the other results of my post-Christmas startitis... two Ysolda Teague patterns to begin with. I absolutely loved knitting the Damson shawl - so simple and perfect for knitting whilst watching tv. The yarn is stunning; a gorgeous blend of alpaca, cashmere and silk. 
Damson shawl in Juno Alice Sock yarn (Canopy)
These flip-top mittens are the first proper mittens or gloves I've made. I really enjoyed them, although I made so many silly mistakes because I was not concentrating or didn't quite understand some parts the first time. They knitted up really quickly, and the pretty cabling is satisfying to watch as it grows.
Snapdragon Flip-top Mittens in Dream in Color Classy yarn (Gold Experience)
I also knitted this Orchids and Fairy Lights hat by Tiny Owl Knits. It is a really lovely knit and I would like to make another... This hat kept me cheery on the day we were without running water, a flushing loo and heating for most of the day due to a partially frozen pipe. Can't beat a cable and bobble pattern for taking your mind of things!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A very productive week - 2 hats!

There's nothing like knitting a hat to make you feel productive. These two followed me everywhere this week. I cast on Rose Red, by Ysolda Teague, on Sunday last weekend and finished it this Saturday. 
Ravelry link to the pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rose-red
My only question is which colour to knit next. The yarn (Orkney Angora St Magnus DK) is gorgeous, warm and lightweight, making it perfect for most of the year in the UK. I think I'd like one in bright red, cream or silver next.
I was a bit lazy and didn't swatch properly or block the swatch because I wanted to start immediately. Lazy and impatient. Thankfully the medium turned out to be the perfect fit! 
I really enjoyed knitting this hat. I love the design and it was fun to see it emerge, with a series of beautiful cables in place of the usual ribbed band. I adore the combination of the rose petals and twisting cables. I feel this hat will look great with a heavy winter coat or a lightweight spring jacket. Hence wanting more!

While I was knitting away, though, the weather turned colder and I had a sudden urge for a heavier non-beret shaped hat. So I found a wonderful free pattern called Hineri by Olga Buraya-Kefelian: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hineri-hat
I had some Rowan Coccon hanging around waiting to be used for the perfect project, and so I cast on! This is the modified version of the hat, details are on my Ravelry project page. I went up to a 7mm needle size (from a 5.5mm) as the cables make the hat quite tight - cable 12 is quite a lot of stitches to cable :)
It's nice and slouchy and very warm. And only took 2 days to knit. Perfect when you just want to knit and watch tv without having to pay too much attention to a complex pattern. I like that it's not too girly but is not too simple. Very very lovely hat .

Startitis didn't stop at two hats this week as I cast on a Snapdragon mitten too! Another Ysolda Teague pattern:
I'm using Dream in Color Classy yarn in Gold Experience. It's sooo squishy. 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

2012: Year of the Shawl?

I finished my second Ginkgo shawl this weekend. I bloomin' love knitting that pattern. It's interesting and simple, and you can see where you are with the lace. Perfect for TV knitting. Mainly in the evenings while I watch Dog the Bounty Hunter. Can't stop watching that programme! 

This time I made the larger version, and out of DK weight Rowan Baby Alpaca. It is rather large...
Link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ginkgo-shoulderette-shawl
It turned out to be the perfect size when worn as a scarf. It has fantastic drape and is super-warm. Phew! 

Very pleased with how it turned out. And no mistakes. Which is largely due to the pattern - so clear to see what you are doing. 

On to the next shawl of 2012 (my knitting Year of the Shawl!). Damson, by Ysolda Teague. It's from the gorgeous Whimsical Little Knits - 2 book, which I received for Christmas. There are so many patterns I need to make from that book. 
I am knitting this Damson in Juno Alice Sock, a mixture of baby alpaca, silk and cashmere. It's gorgeous. And all the colours the yarn comes in are so wonderful.

The next shawl will probably be Annis (from Knitty.com). And then I shall see. I'm not planning a shawl a month as that would be madness*  (*amazing).