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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Knitted Cupcake

I do love a knitted cake. I've knitted Battenburg, a slice of Victoria sponge, and crocheted numerous cupcakes and donuts in my time. 

This cupcake was knitted from a free pattern by Spud & Chloe. It's a clever construction with a flat bottom and sides which keep their shape. This means your cupcake will sit squarely on a flat surface, something I struggled with when crocheting cupcakes.

My knitted bobbles. Not so bobbly.

I really like how the decreases on the frosting give the appearance of an elegant swirl of icing: 

Sweet treats can contain fibre!

There is very little sewing up to do as it's knitted in one continuous piece, from the base to the cherry on the top. My only advice to other knitters would be not to make a boob with the yarn colour choices. Stay away from flesh tones... 


  1. Lovely! I do like Purl Bee's patterns.

  2. So cute!! that's the cutest pin cushion ever.

  3. Thank you! It's a great knit - I need to make more :)