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Monday, 1 August 2011

Tiny Tooth Free Crochet Pattern

Teeny tiny toof is teeny
This tiny tooth is a quick and easy project and requires little in the way of time or materials. Knowledge of the magic loop/adjustable ring method (search on Google) for starting crochet in the round, and experience of crocheting in the round would be helpful as it’s a tiny bit fiddly due to the size of the project.

The photos are of the slightly larger tooth (pattern at bottom of page). A tinier toof pattern follows.

White or cream yarn and appropriate size crochet hook
Fiberfill for stuffing
Stitch marker (a hair grip/bobby pin works very well!)
Yarn needle
Eyes: safety eyes/black yarn/embroidery floss/small buttons (I used 6mm safety eyes)
Red yarn or embroidery floss for the mouth

St – stitch
Dc – double crochet. In this pattern, this is British double crochet, equivalent to American single crochet.
Sl st – slip stitch

Using the magic loop make a ring of 4 dc (4 st)
Round 1: 2dc in each st (8 st)
Round 2: *1dc in first st, 2 dc in following st, repeat from * around (12 st)
Round 3 – 9: dc in each st (12)
Round 10: divide for the two roots with a slip stitch and dc around those 6 st (6 st)
Round 11: dc in each st (6 st)
Round 12: decrease by putting the crochet hook through one half of three alternating st and create a slip stitch, repeat with any other stitches to close the end of the root.

The great divide... 

Add the safety eyes and then stuff with Fiberfill. Using the crochet hook, pull some of the Fiberfill to the end of the root to plump  it out. Due to the construction, the top of the tooth has a dip in it, like a molar:

Top of the molar

Repeat rounds 10 – 12 on the other side of the tooth to complete the second root. Using the crochet hook, pull some Fiberfill downwards to fill the root out.

Weave in the ends and embroider a mouth.


For a ever so slightly larger tooth, begin with a circle of 6 stitches, then
Round 2: 2 dc in each st in each st
Round 3: *2 dc in next st, dc in following st, repeat from * around
Round 4: *2 dc in next st, dc in following 2 st, repeat from * around
Rounds 5 - 11: dc in each st
Round 12: divide for root and dc in each st 
Round 13: dc in each st of the root
Round 14: dc in each st of the root
Round 15: decrease across sets of 2 or 3 st
Round 16: close end of root
Stuff, add eyes and make another root. Embroider mouth.
*ehn!* Tiny Toof gets comfy on the pillow.

Copyright KnittingPony. For personal use only. Please do not sell any tiny teeth you make from this pattern, or distribute or sell this pattern. Please contact me for any other information or for any errata submissions.


  1. That tooth really is cute. Wish my girls were still of a tooth loosing age - what fun we could have had with the knitted ones! x

  2. SO cute! (just found your site via knitted bliss)... love love love the Tooth!

  3. Thank you for your kind comments! I am glad you like the tooth!

  4. It's sooo cute, I couldn't resist making it. Thanks for your comment on Ravelry.

  5. would you post a video showing the steps... please.. ASAP
    cause I couldnt understand the (round 10,11,12) step and below!!!

  6. Hi, Just completed a tooth, but using worsted weight with a 'G' hook mine did not turn out "tiny." I realized while crocheting that your photos do not match your directions, at least in the USA. Your photos looks like you crocheted in single crochet. Then I realized you are from the UK and I now understand that the British double crochet is actually single crochet in America. So to get a tiny version of your tooth I must crochet in the American version of single crochet. My granddaughter loves her tooth. I added a little pocket on the back to insert her tooth in exchange for whatever the tooth fairy has handy, coins or paper. Also made a pink newsboy cap her, now deemed a girl tooth. Thanks for your pattern. I searched everywhere for an easy and sweet tooth and yours is perfect.

  7. Hello Anonymous, I'm so sorry, I am unable to post videos :(
    I hope you managed to figure out rounds 10, 11 and 12 onwards. Hopefully if you try to go around and around but over only half of the stitches to make a root, you'll be able to fashion a kind of root that might make the instructions "click" in your mind? I'm so sorry you've had difficulty but hope you've managed to work something out. Happy crocheting!

  8. Hi S Ritter - so glad you liked the pattern! Your crocheted teeth sound amazing. I love the sound of the tooth with the pink newsboy cap on! :D

  9. Hello I really wanted to make my cousin a going away present, she's going to school to be a dental hygenist. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this bigger? I'm still pretty new to crochet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    1. Hi Amanda!
      To make it larger, I'd continue with the increases until it's the size you want (with amigurumi you can just freestyle as long as you keep it symmetrical). To do this, crochet row 2, *1dc in first st, 2 dc in following st, repeat from * around (12 st), and then in the following rows, increase the number of 1dc between each time you do 2 dc into a stitch:

      Row 3: *2dc in first st, 1dc in to next two stitches (repeat from *)
      Row 4: *2dc in first st, 1dc in to next three stitches (repeat from *)
      Row 5: *2dc in first st, 1 dc in to next four stitches (repeat from *)

      Then when it's wide enough, just dc around until it's long enough and use the same principle for the "roots" as in my pattern and divide in half and crochet the roots, decreasing gradually but symmetrically.

      I hope that helps! good luck!

    2. Yes it sure does thanks a bunch!

  10. Still can't figur it out!!! =( .. but i will try again and again..
    Anyway ... Thanks for your help and replay .. I realy ppreciate it =)
    Happy Eiiiid and happy crocheting ... =)

    1. I'm sorry to hear that, but good luck and happy crocheting to you too!

  11. can u make a video for it please

  12. Hi,
    I'm kind of new to crocheting, but I absolutely adore your tiny tooth. I tried to make it a couple of times, but got stuck on the roots..
    Could you maybe make some pictures in small steps how to devide the roots (in which stitch do you put your hook on the other side?) and how to start crocheting the second root? I couldn't figur out where to start en where to leave the thread. Thanks a lot!

  13. I was wondering if you would sell this?

  14. I'm stuck on the roots like a couple other people were, I'm trying to figure out, do I slip stitch the "tube" together in half, in other words count 6 stitches on the opposite side of the "tube" and slip stitch, then um, well I can't even think of what I would do next! I'm trying to envision in my mind what to do and it's not coming to me. Thank you for posting your cute pattern, even if I can't make it! :)

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  16. Hello! I loved the pattern ! to see if I take that turn and I gave her a pin ! greetings from Argentina!if read very rare it is because I use a translator! haha

  17. Hello :)
    I tried your pattern an it worked out very well! Thank you for sharing your ideas! :)
    Greatings from Germany, your tiny tooth is going around the world ;)