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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Owl Wrist Warmers (Free Knitting Pattern)

Owl Wrist Warmer
Keep your wrists and hands warm in autumn with these sweet owl wrist warmers! Work in different colour combinations for a variety of looks.

Pattern is for medium size - 20cm circumference X 20cm length.

3mm circular knitting needle 
4ply yarn in different colours
Yarn needle

Skills required:
Magic Loop

K= knit
P= purl

Cast on 56 stitches on circular knitting needle and divide in order to knit using the magic loop method
Rows 1-8: work in K2, P2 rib
Rows 9-13: knit in main colour
Rows 14-16: work flower chart (7 times, giving you 14 flowers in total)
Rows 17-18: Knit in main colour
Rows 19-27 work owl chart (8 times, giving you 8 owls)
Rows 28-29: knit in main colour
Rows 30-32: work flower chart (7 times, giving you 14 flowers in total)
Rows 33-40: knit in main colour
Rows 41-57: knit in main colour back and forth, not in the round as this will create the thumb hole
Rows 58-66: re-join and knit in the round in main colour
Rows 67-69: work flower chart (7 times, giving you 14 flowers in total)
Rows 70-74: work in main colour
Rows 75-83: work in K2, P2 rib
Cast off in K2, P2 rib


Copyright KnittingPony. For personal use only. Please do not sell any Owl Wrist Warmers you make from this pattern, or distribute or sell this pattern. Please contact me for any other information or for any errata submissions.


  1. Those are so sweet!! what a great colourwork design, congrats!

  2. These make me want to try colorwork - beautiful design, thank you so much for putting it up for free!

  3. Thank you, Julie & Mikka! I'm so pleased at the response I've had to these :D

  4. Adorable! I was looking for owl mitts to make for a little person I know, but I think I might just make these for me!

  5. Thank u very much!..I loved and I make but I have 14 flowers and 9 owls..:)

  6. These are sooo cute...I am going to make for my granddaughter! Thank you for generously sharing your pattern. 

  7. Please give stitch gauge..really like this pattern,Thanks for sharing!

  8. Loved this idea! I tried doing this without the pattern, and it looked awesome!