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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Cabled Wrist Warmers (Free Knitting Pattern)

Pattern is for medium size - 21cm circumference X 26cm length.
This is the size after blocking. As knitted wrist warmers will stretch with wear, I have knitted these to be very snug before blocking; after blocking they fit perfectly.

Gauge after blocking: 10 stitches and 13 rows = 4cm x 4cm
Yarn used: Rowan Cashsoft DK in Tape (colour 515)


4mm circular knitting needle 
Cable knitting needle

DK yarn (stretchier yarn with a good twist is best)
Yarn needle for sewing in ends
Some cardboard e.g. from a cereal packet to cut to size for blocking the wrist warmers (cut to 10cm x length required, with rounded edges). Ensure ribbing is not blocked on the cardboard but left to block naturally.

Skills required: 

Knitting in the round on a set of 5 double pointed needles or magic loop knitting on a circular knitting needle
Beginner level cabling

Both these skills are suitable for a knitter with a little experience. YouTube is the best source to find out how to knit in the round or cable

K= knit
P= purl
C4Forward = slip two stitches knit-wise from the left needle onto the cable needle. Keeping the cable needle at the front of the wrist-warmer, knit the next two stitches from the left needle onto the right needle. Next, knit the two stitches from the cable needle onto the right needle.


Cast on 40 stitches and join in the round without twisting the stitches.
Rows 1 - 6: K2 P2 rib 
Cable pattern is knit over four rows:
Row 7: *K2, P2, K4, P2*  knit four times from * to *
Row 8: as row 7
Row 9: as row 7
Row 10: *K2, P2, C4Forward, P2* knit four times from * to *
After 16 cable pattern repeats, or when you have the length you like, repeat rows 1 - 6 for ribbing.
Cast off in K2 P2 rib, cut yarn and sew in the ends and block.

Copyright KnittingPony. For personal use only. Please do not sell any wrist warmers you make from this pattern, or distribute or sell this pattern. Please contact me for any other information or for any errata submissions.


  1. Ooh a lovely free pattern as a Christmas gift! Beautiful and thank you :)

  2. I don't know if I just have really short forearms or if my yarn was that much thicker, but I only did 10 cables instead of 16, and I did 8 rows of ribbing on either end.

    I also modified it by starting to knit the pattern flat at the 8th cable, then rejoined after the 10th to make a thumb hole.

    The OCD in me wishes that the ribbing matched perfectly with the cables though, and I don't have any sets of 5 DPN's... I'm guessing you'd just have to buy two sets of 4 to get it... what I ended up doing was separating them across 3 needles with 10, 10, and 20 stitches with a stitch marker on the last needle to help me remember where I was. This does create a little bit of awkward stretching in some places, but only noticeable to the discerning knitter.

    Other than that, they are a really speedy knit, just two sittings of knitting and tv watching per wrist warmer and they look great! My friends can't believe they didn't come from a store, and that I made them! :) Thanks for the pattern!

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern!